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Aug 17, 2009 12:30am EDT
night, senate majority leader harry reid. >> the discussion now and u.s. strategy in afghanistan and pakistan with special represented richard holbrooke. topics include the upcoming presidential election. this is about an hour and a half. >> good morning everyone. i am the president of the center for american progress. thank you for joining us this morning. the center is honored to have ambassador richard holbrooke and his really spectacular team here today who you see in friday. we have more members in the front row. this region of the world is a primary national security concern for the united states, one that was reaffirmed by the president back in march when he made the case for a stronger, smarter, comprehensive commitment. one who is here today. ambassador holbrooke has assembled an impressive team. there is the multidisciplinary interagency nature of secretary clinton and investor who were's approach to afghanistan and pakistan which tendons on the -- which hinges on military assets. to the best of my knowledge, this is a first. drawing all these resources under together under
Aug 2, 2009 6:30pm EDT
want this. harry reid said he didn't want this. that's why it doesn't exist. there's a case to be made for taxing "cadillac plans." ahead of goldman sax. >> that's actually the royals royce plans. they are such a tiny part. caller: as an independent, i feel both parties are going down the road. what should happen is you should designate who is universal. 18-64. from there, you establish a health saveings account for each person and attach their children under 18 to each one of those. you take the medicare money that's going out. the $260 billion a year and credit that to each person 18-64. from there, their employer, whatever they are kicking in can also be credited to that account. host: financing healthcare. complicated stuff here. what's the best approach? >> it is really tough. on financing medicare, it has been a successful program but not one that has done much to obtain cost. it has actually been a cost driver. it has proved to be completely impossible to rid of waste and high expense and wasted views. each time the government tries to put in place measures to cut spending as th
Aug 16, 2009 9:30pm EDT
leader harry reid. >> from the right online conference in pittsburgh, conservative blogger is talk about the future of online campaigning. this last about one hour and 10 minutes. we have eric erickson and matt lewis who contribute to politesse daily. i want to make this -- this gives you an opportunity as question. it depends on you. many people as spoken of the last couple of days. we want an answer questions about what we do next. i would start by asking eric and matt to share a couple of their thoughts on how we take the next out. i wanted to begin by looking back where we have come in the past year. i don't know how many of you were in austin, texas last year but i was there and saw a lot of enthusiasm. i met the people who have returned here to pittsburgh from last year's conference. i thought i was star with eric since he was there last year and then get mad perspective. at think they're right has developed an adapted in the last year? yet few think that conservatives are still struggling to grasp the power of the media, or is the left now looking to us for ideas? >> i think the l
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3